Timely Access Report

The Measurement Year 2015 ("MY 2015") Timely Access Report, published by the DMHC pursuant to Health and Safety Code 1367.03, subd. (i), the corresponding MY 2015 Timely Access Data, the Timely Access Fact Sheet, and All Plan Letter, issued February 14, 2017 are posted below.

2017 Annual Timely Access Compliance Report Templates and Tools

Health Plans are required to submit a Timely Access Compliance Report by March 31 of each year. The items required to be submitted as part of this annual report are set forth in the Timely Access Compliance Report Instructions below. The DMHC has two standardized methodologies, the Provider Appointment Availability Survey Methodology and the Audit Methodology, for measuring and reporting rates of compliance with appointment time-elapsed standards, pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 1367.03, subd. (f)(3).

Steps for submitting Timely Access Compliance Report (A-F data):

1. Read the MY 2017 Timely Access Compliance Report Instructions. (Rev. 09/15/17)

2. Read the MY 2017 Provider Appointment Availability Survey Methodology. (Issued 04/04/17)

3. Conduct the survey utilizing the DMHC's tools and reporting templates for MY 2017. The following reporting templates are in a "locked" Excel format. All health plans utilizing the survey methodology must submit Raw Data and Provider Contact List for each provider type using these templates in section B.2: "Raw Data and Provider Contact List" in the DMHC's web portal.

MY 2017 Provider Appointment Availability Survey - Survey Tool: (Issued 04/04/17)

MY 2017 Provider Appointment Availability Survey - Provider Contact List Templates: (Issued 06/02/2017)

MY 2017 Provider Appointment Availability Survey - Raw Data Templates: (Issued 06/30/17)

4. Use the MY 2017 Results Templates by relevant provider type when reporting results for section B.3: "Rate of Compliance with the Time-Elapsed Standards" in the DMHC's web portal. (Issued 06/30/17)

5. Submit documents per instructions via the DMHC's Timely Access web portal. (You may download the optional D. Advanced Access Form to report provider groups.)

Audit Templates

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 1367.03, subd. (f)(3), DMHC has adopted two standardized methodologies that health plans may use to report compliance with the required appointment wait time standards for Measurement Year 2017. Health plans have not elected to use the manual audit methodology for MY 2017. As a result, the DMHC has not selected the dates in each calendar quarter to collect the data. The Provider Appointment Audit Methodology for MY 2017 will be published in June of 2017.

DMHC MY 2017 Provider Appointment Audit Methodology (Issued 06/19/17)

DMHC MY 2017 Electronic Audit Worksheet (Issued 06/30/17)

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