Language Assistance Filing Checklists

The DMHC Language Assistance Work Group has developed guidelines in the form of filing checklists to assist health plans in meeting their filing obligations pursuant to Section 1300.67.04(e)(2) for Language Assistance Programs (LAP).

There are two Language Assistance Filing Checklists. The Language Assistance Program Filing Requirements which track closely to the DMHC language assistance regulations intended for all health plans licensed under the KKA and offer commercial managed care products.

The Medi-Cal Language Assistance Program Standards Applied to Non-Medi-Cal Lines of Business is the other checklist which is an Assessment Guide designed to assist Knox-Keene licensed health plans that have both Medi-Cal and non-Medi-Cal lines of business, and seek the Department’s determination of compliance with the LAP requirements of Section 1367.04 and Section 1300.67.04 as to its non-Medi-Cal lines of business.

Please submit any questions regarding use of the checklists or any other question regarding the implementation of the language assistance regulations to

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