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Timely Access Reporting

By March 31, 2014 and by March 31 of each year thereafter, all full service and mental health plans are required to submit reports to the Department of Managed Health Care regarding its timely access compliance pursuant to California Health and Safety Code section 1367.03(f)(2).

Use the 2013 timely access report forms (version 2014) shown below for your annual filing.

SPECIAL REMINDER: In the DMHC's web portal, please complete Steps 1 and 2 under the Submit tab and make sure you receive a confirmation email to identify your report has been successfully submitted to the DMHC. The Timely Access Compliance Report will not be submitted if Step 2 (Affirmation to Complete) is not completed. Related Links:

Related Links:

Full text Timely Access Regulation, California Code of Regulations, title 28, section 1300.67.2.2

Full text Timely Access Statute, California Health and Safety Code section 1367.03

List of Licensed Health Plans