Financial Solvency Standards Board

The purpose of the Financial Solvency Standards Board (FSSB) is to advise the Director on matters of financial solvency that affect the delivery of health care services, and to develop and recommend financial solvency requirements and standards relating to plan operations, plan-affiliate operations and transactions, plan-provider contractual relationships, and provider-affiliate operations and transactions. Additionally, the Board periodically monitors and reports on the implementation and results of the financial solvency requirements and standards and reviews proposed regulation changes.


The FSSB is comprised of 8 members:

  • The Director or the Director's designee
  • 7 members appointed by the Director

The members may be, but are not necessarily limited to, individuals with training and experience in subject areas or fields such as medical and health care economics, accountancy, actuarial studies, investment banking, and management and administration in integrated and affiliated health care delivery systems.

FSSB Board Members


(from left to right) Top Row: Jeffrey Conklin, Adventist Health Plan; Larry deGhetaldi, M.D., Palo Alto Medical Foundation; John Grgurina, Jr., San Francisco Health Plan; Jeff Rideout, M.D., Integrated Healthcare Association; Paul Durr, Sharp Community Medical Group. Bottom Row: Shelley Rouillard, Department of Managed Health Care; Elizabeth Imholz, Consumers Union; Amy Yao, Blue Shield of California.

See Membership Roster for more information regarding the appointments to the FSSB.

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