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Decisions Pending & Opportunities for Public Participation, How to Participate

Opportunities for Public Participation

The Department regularly seeks public input on the regulations it is developing. Let your voice be heard by giving us your comments.

Consumer Participation Program

The Consumer Participation Program allows the director to award reasonable advocacy and witness fees to any person or organization that demonstrates that the person or organization represents the interests of consumers and has made a substantial contribution on behalf of consumers to the adoption of any regulation or to an order or decision made by the director if the order or decision has the potential to impact a significant number of enrollees. Click on Consumer Participation Program for more information.

If you have a complaint or question regarding your health plan, please contact the Department's Help Center at (888) 466-2219 or use the Help Center Contact Form.

If you are interested in applying, please use the links available on the Consumer Participation Program website to access and complete the forms online.

What are your ideas and concerns? The Department would like your thoughts on issues that it is currently considering.